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The Unforgettable U2 Collection
(What I've gathered since 1985, and much to the distress of Mayflower trucking lines, had hauled 3000 miles cross country from CA to NC. ;-) )

The Albums (Vinyl): The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum, Under a Blood Red Sky, Wide Awake In America

The Albums (CD format): Boy, October, War, Under a Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Rattle & Hum, Achtung Baby, Zooropa, Pop

The Singles (various formats): Desire (7" gatefold); Angel of Harlem (7" pic sleeve); With or Without You (7" pic sleeve); Do They Know It's Christmas/Sun City (7" singles); Desire (cassette); The Fly (cassette); Pride (CD); All I Want Is You (CD); One (CD); Stay (CD); Real Thing (CD); Wild Horses (CD); Mysterious Ways (CD); Real Thing Remixes (CD); Where The Streets Have No Name (Pet Shop Boys) (CD)

Singles and B-sides on two cassette tapes: Fire, I Threw a Brick, Two Hearts (12"), New Years Day (12"), Two Hearts (12" b-side), A Celebration, Trash Trampoline and the Party Girl, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, Touch, Treasure, A Day Without Me, Endless Deep, Another Day, Boy-Girl (12"); J. Swallow; 11 O'Clock Tick Tock/The Ocean (live); Another Day; Twilight; Endless Deep; Out of Control; Stories for Boys; Boy Girl; Touch.

Miscellaneous CDs: Bono in Philly (interview); Bono in Conversation (interview); U2 Photo CD and book (interviews); Zoomerang - Zooropa in Adelaide (concert); Pride - U2 by the British Philharmonic Orchestra (tribute CD)

Concert cassettes: "Save The Yuppies" - 11/11/97; "In My Mind's Eye" - 6/4/86; Milton Keynes Bowl, London - 6/22/85; Oakland Coliseum 4/18/92; Live unknown performance (not Red Rocks), Zoo Tour Boston Gardens 3/17/92; "Twilight" - Holland 2/12/81; Hammersmith London - 12/6/82; Zoo Radio - KOME

Miscellaneous Cassettes: Off The Record With U2; Achtung Baby Outtakes; U2 on Rockline; U2 - Trip Through Your Wires

On Video: Rattle and Hum; ZooTV Live From Sydney; Numb; The Unforgettable Fire Collection; The Best of 1980-1990; Achtung Baby; Under A Blood Red Sky; PopMart - Mexico City. Rattle and Hum Outtakes; Rarities and Legends; MTV - ZooTV concert; MTV U2 Sunday plus misc. Interviews; ZooTV in Albany, NY 3/21/92; ZooTV in Detroit, MI 3/27/92; Plus one tape of miscellaneous 3rd or 4th generation footage and interviews, incl. Outside is America.

Books: Unforgettable Fire; Outside is America; Three Chords and The Truth; Burning Desire; Rattle and Hum; Bono In His Own Words; U2 At The End of the World

Tour Programs: Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree, ZooTV Inside Broadcast; ZooTV Outside Broadcast.

Plus too many Rolling Stone/Spin/Details/Collectormania articles to count, in addition to a pile of Propaganda club magazines (including a moldy oldie from the days before it was actually called "Propaganda") and miscellaneous fanzines.

En route: Two more interview cds, "Far Away So Close" book, and finally, the CD version of Wide Awake in America, at a price that isn't making me hurl. Thanks, Larry (no, not Mullen Jr. :^) )

Want list: Not much, just a clean copy of the Outside Is America video.