Day On The Green #3, November 1997
( photo credits: ME! :-) )
I took others, but these are the best of the bunch.

Late afternoon, before the start of the show...


Just before U2 took the stage, they dropped in the Joshua Tree background, and reddened the background at the back of the stage, ala a desert sunrise, I suppose. It went real well with the opening song, "Where the Streets Have No Name". I got chills that night when they started playing it, and to this DAY, I still do...


See? U2 WAS tiny! :-) Nothing like at the Cow Palace.
Great shot though, it was "Streets" again, just as the white lights came up to
light the band for the first time.


Odd shot, I know, but you get what you can. This was during "Exit" when U2 had the flashing strobes making like chase lights all around the perimeter of the backdrop during what was probably Edge's guitar solo.
I'm amazed I got ANYTHING during this. Fast film works wonders... :-)