U2 - Dis and Dat...
A page for quotes, either by U2,
or about them, that strike me as memorable...

I'm currently reading "U2 At The End Of The World"by Bill Flanagan, and I really LIKE the way he writes, so I'm sure several quotes from the book will show up here.

Oh look, there goes one now! <grin>

"They were by nature truth-tellers, and Bono was by nature a big mouth." - Flanagan

"Oh, this will make a great headline...
'U2 Arrives In West Berlin To Protest The Pulling Down of The Wall.'"-Bono

'Larry always knows who Larry is because Larry never changes.
"You haven't changed your
haircut in ten years!" '- Bono, during the birth of the Achtung Baby...

"I want to play the guitar very badly, and I DO play the guitar very badly." - Bono

"It's a surreal thing, they might as well be goldfish..." - Edge, when asked about the trabbies in the ZooTV stage set.

"...Certain songs can bully you, can get on your back and you can't shake them off during a performance... the only way I can relax is to just hit something." (laughs) - Bono

"As procrastinators, we're very talented..." - Edge

"I wake up a different person every day. I think it was Edge who once described me as a 'nice bunch of guys'" - Bono

"It's a real drag if you don't like yourself, 'cos you do spend a lot of time with yourself" - Edge